Welcome to Our Family Shrub! You will find well-researched family history on this site, with the initial four branches of my tree beginning at my grandparents, and with them their given last name. Genealogy is an ongoing journey filled with new surprises around every corner and under every rock. I hope to use this website and blog as platforms to share my continuing research and insights of my ancestors with extended family members and genealogists alike.

Check out the Family Branches page to learn more about the basics of my family tree, then climb into any of my starter branches: Campbell, Fletcher, LeMieux, or Sewell, and see if anything twigs your interest.


***In order to keep some privacy for my immediate family I decided not to detail which one is my Maternal Grandmother versus my Paternal Grandmother, etc. This way I can share my ancestor research with other family members and genealogy enthusiasts alike, while keeping my parents, husband, and children protected.  An important note to remember is that I only work backwards. Although it is fun to connect with second, third, and fourth cousins, I prefer to research my ancestors instead of their living descendants, and only pursue contact with those currently researching genealogy. By publishing information on the deceased only I am also protecting extended family members who may not wish for their information to be shared online.***