Family Branches

Family branches in your tree can start at any point, although the most common place is with yourself, followed by your parents as they separate out your maternal and paternal lines. As more information is uncovered and new family members are introduced, it is important to keep track of who is who and their relation within the family.

Genealogy hobbyists will each have their own preference on how to separate out branches and the lines they take; I have a tendency to start a new branch when a new last name is introduced. Since I am familiar with my grandparents, using them as starting points was easy for me, and worked within my scope of one last name per branch. This may not be the case for everyone researching family history, however you should feel comfortable starting your family tree with what you know.

Let’s take a look at it visually to see how the lines can start moving backwards (or upwards in this case!).

Maternl-Paternal Line Visual

Then as Grandparents are introduced the lines go back (or up!) one more step.

Grandparents Maternl-Paternal Line Visual


The branches detailed on this site start with my four Grandparents:

FullSizeRender (6)


D. Campbell

Campbell Family Line


Jack Fletcher

Fletcher Family Line


Betty LeMieux

LeMieux Family Line


Nancy Sewell

Sewell Family Line





***In order to keep some privacy for my immediate family I decided not to detail which one is my Maternal Grandmother versus my Paternal Grandmother, etc. This way I can share my ancestor research with other family members and genealogy enthusiasts alike, while keeping my parents, husband, and children protected.  An important note to remember is that I only work backwards. Although it is fun to connect with second, third, and fourth cousins, I prefer to research my ancestors instead of their living descendants, and only pursue contact with those currently researching genealogy. By publishing information on the deceased only I am also protecting extended family members who may not wish for their information to be shared online.***