Harnden Family Line

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The Harnden Line has had extensive research done, especially in the past 20 years. I am grateful for all those whom have shared their information with me and am honoured to be related, however distant, to these kind persons.

As for me, I am still in the midst of seeking records and documents first hand. I would love to post here on this website what I “know” of the Harnden line, however since it was not my own research I do not feel comfortable. I can easily direct anyone who is interested to the Harnden researchers who would happily share their first hand research, and such receive the credit for it.

Now my research has led me to William Harnden, born in 1814. His birth is believed to have happened in New York, however there has been some speculation about him perhaps being born in Northumberland County, Canada West; not much mind you, but enough for me to take time to look for the actual records before posting one way or another. I know for sure he married, worked, had children, and passed away in Northumberland County.

Before we climb up to William, let’s review how we came to the Harnden surname in my family tree:

My Grandfather was Jack William Fletcher, (b. 1929) and he was born to John William Fletcher (b. 1888) and Mary Jane Harnden (b. 1885). This branch is introduced as Jack’s Maternal Line.

  1. Mary Jane Harnden was born on 26 March 1885 to David Bernet Harnden and 3. Margaret Ellen Tripp in Warkworth, Haldimand Township, Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada. She was the only daughter born to David and Margaret, eventually Mary grew up with five brothers. Mary married John on 25 November 1916, at the old age of 31. They went on to have five children together over the span of 11 years. Mary passed away after living an incredibly long and happy life, at the age of 97 on 22 April 1982.
  2. David Bernet Harnden was born to William Harnden and 5. Caroline Cameron on 30 April 1861 in Haldimand Township, Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada. He married the girl next door, Margaret, on 11 December 1880. David became a lay preacher on Sundays at the local Methodist Church, and during the week he ran his Saw Mill, where he would eventually employ John William Fletcher. David and Margaret were married for 51 years before his sudden passing on 19 December 1931.
  3. Margaret Ellen Tripp was born before David on 16 June 1860, in Eddystone, Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada. Margaret, like David, grew up in the second wave of children to her Father, Daniel Tripp and his second wife, Mary Jane Brewster. Margaret named her only daughter after her Mother, a tradition still being carried on today with her descendants. Margaret passed away a few short years after David, on 7 September 1937, at the age of 77.
  4. William Harnden is said to have been born in New York in 1814. Since I have not yet seen a birth record confirming this, I cannot say for certain that he was. I do however know that he passed away in Haldimand Township on 20 December 1890.
  5. Caroline Cameron is the same as William Harnden, currently. Like him, I do not have a birth record to confirm nor deny where Caroline was born. She was the second wife of William’s and had at the very least, eight children. She passed away on 19 May 1897 in Haldimand Township, Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada.

Let’s take a look at the new branches sprouting out from Mary Jane’s line: Cameron, Tripp and Brewster.