LeMieux Family Line

The LeMieux Family Branch is an interesting one, as I find there must be more to the story than simply records, names and dates. I find myself asking more questions rather than having my current ones answered. The premise of this branch starts with my Grandmother, Betty Beatrice LeMieux, who never quite knew her exact birth date.

Currently I have a few records to filter through on Betty’s family. I’m lucky to have connected to another tree on a genealogy website, however before publishing any ancestors or family connections, I want to take the time to comb through each and every leaf.

I can however offer the following start to Betty’s tree:

  1. Betty Beatrice LeMieux, born 10 or 11 January 1928 (we celebrated it on the 10th!) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to parents 2. Joseph Wilfred Armand LeMieux and 3. Beatrice Evelin Feller (Bea). She was the second born to Joseph and Bea, as she had one older brother.
  2. Joseph Wilfred Armand LeMieux was born around 1907 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and I believe his parents’ names were 4. Joseph LeMieux and 5. Marie Blanche Saint-Louis. He married Bea on 20 August 1926 in Toronto, but sadly they divorced in the early 1930’s. Joseph passed away at the age of 48 on 11 September 1955 and is buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery with his parents.
  3. Beatrice Evelin Feller, or Bea as she was known, was born in 1910 in Norfolk, England, to parents Charles J. Feller and Edith Lily Large. After divorcing Joseph, she went on to marry Les Bunn. Bea passed away on 16 March 1986 at the age of 76.

It is worth noting the new Family Branches that have sprouted out from Betty’s ancestry. We now have Feller, Large, and Saint-Louis. The Large Family Line has given me a lot to work with, and for that I am so grateful! However concerning the remaining three, Feller, LeMieux and Saint-Louis, there are currently not enough records or stories for me to come to conclusions on lineage going further back than this. I promise to keep working on it and hope to provide more information in the months and years to come!